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CPN hold a number of networking events and discussions throughout the year covering current topics affecting our members and the local market. Book your place using the form below.
CPN Webinar: Conscious capitalism: ESG and socially responsible investing @ Webinar
Dec 8 @ 11:00 am – 11:45 am
In this webinar, Adam will be talking about integrating ESG (environmental, social, governance) and socially responsible factors into any strategy as an investment manager. He will also provide a brief look back at the major market moving events of 2020. Building wealth for the future is important but increasingly Adam is finding people want their investments to do more than make money. This webinar explores the role of ESG integration as part of this process.
Learning objectives
• What are the common approaches to socially responsible investing?
• Why does ESG matter and who does it affect?
• How can it all fit within an investment process?
About Adam
As an Investment Manager and Chartered Wealth Manager, Adam’s manages client relationships and investment portfolios for individuals and on behalf of financial advisers, accountants and solicitors. He is passionate about helping to protect and grow the value of investments for a range of clients, including
pensions, savings, inheritance, trusts and charities. He takes a keen interest in socially responsible investment. In addition, as a member of the Personal Finance Society he sits on the council for The Chartered Insurance Institute of Leeds and is regularly featured in the Business section of the Yorkshire Post. Adam lives in West Yorkshire with his wife and young son.
CPN Webinar: Virtual Inclusion Escape Room @ Webinar
Dec 10 @ 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
We are welcoming back PDT Global and encouraging CPN members to join us for this interactive training session.
In the future of Inclusion training, this dramatic, high-pressure, collaborative experience doesn’t just talk about inclusive practice it provides a totally interactive workshop allowing everyone involved to work together to crack the code. It’s a race against time to discover what is really meant by inclusion and how bias, power and privilege in the workplace can work against it.
Our inclusion experts, PDT Global will encourage a short debrief on behaviours including any ‘lightbulb’ moments observed during the game. Towards the end of the session, participants will act on all they have learnt and commit to some chosen personal actions to change their own behaviour and shape the employee experience within their company.
Learning Objectives By the end of the escape room experience, participants will be able to:
  • Reference facts and data relating to inclusion both within and outside of their organisation
  • Articulate own micro-behaviours or biases impacting working performance
  • Debate the impact of privilege and unwritten rules within the workplace
  • Identify activities to enhance own inclusive behaviour
  • Understand the importance of learning to ‘Like more people’ – and the impact upon inclusion
PDT Global is a worldwide diversity and inclusion training consultancy. They enable clients to create inclusive workplaces where everyone with the capability and desire to excel can do so. With over 20 years of experience in strategy, cultural change and leadership development, they bring the expertise of learning to today’s business world and the strategic need to enable diversity through creating inclusive cultures.
CPN Webinar: Enabling Neurodiversity in the Workplace @ Webinar
Feb 4 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
The importance of removing barriers in order to experience the strengths of diverse thinkers
There has been an increased awareness of neurodiversity in recent years and recognition of the benefits this can bring to a business. Employing a wide range of people with different skills and mindsets, maximises problem solving, creativity and continuous improvement. Diversity equals strength.
However, in order to maximise the potential that neurodiversity brings to a team, due regard must be given to
the existence of barriers within the workplace. These can often be invisible unless experienced. A neurodiverse team member can often encounter these barriers, exposing challenges and perpetuating a deficit-based model.
This webinar will outline the different types of neurodiversity and their characteristics, highlighting significant strengths and potential challenges; emphasising the practical steps that can be taken to remove barriers to high performance by adopting meaningful inclusion.
Kate Dean, Enable Disability & Inclusion Consultants Ltd
Kate Dean is Director of Enable Disability & Inclusion Consultants Ltd, who support organisations to remove barriers to high performance through meaningful inclusion.
Kate has spent over 10 years working in universities leading and managing student facing disability support teams, ensuring that students with a wide range of disabilities and long-term conditions could access and participate on their course, through a combination of reasonable adjustments and enabling strategies. Kate led a number of key institutional collaborative projects which sought to anticipate needs and remove barriers across recruitment processes, in policies and procedures and by embedding enabling technologies into
mainstream provision.
Kate has written and delivered numerous training sessions, workshops and webinars on disability specific topics, accessible customer service and inclusive practice. Kate has contributed to numerous committees and offered specialist advice to HR and Occupational Health colleagues.
Kate contributed to research on transition pathways for autistic students and led a project with the National Autistic Society and is of the firm belief that goodautism practice, is good practice for all.
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